Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Have we learnt the lessons of Durley?

Above: Burridge against Durley at Kytes Lane. Never had a good look at Greg Baker's trombone face? You're in a minority. Click on pic to see what you've been missing.

This Saturday Burridge visit Kytes Lane to play Durley Reserves.

Ask any Burridge player about games against Durley and they'll say they always beat us. That's not strictly true. They've beaten Burridge three times out of four in the last two years. The question you have to ask yourself is should you really fear a team who concede a goal from a header by Burridge midfielder Justin Newman? If the answer is yes then I think it's safe to say that Logger's Leap at Thorpe Park isn't for you.

Bad things do tend to happen whenever Burridge go to play Durley at Kytes Lane. Greg Baker gives away penalties. Greg Baker gets booked for dissent. Although the latter is not something exclusive to games against Durley. Club manager Pete Lyons was in such a bad way after one defeat to Durley he began playing air-sax to Kenny Gee records on the jukebox at the Bugle. Thankfully that is something exclusive to a game with Durley.

Some point out that Durley are an older team and therefore should be beaten, mainly because they can't run around much. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Take out our 11 year old goalkeeper Ryan Jones and 20 year old right-back Sam Hewitt and the next youngest players are Ben Rowe and Ben Hutton, who are at the ripe age of 26.

Either way, come Saturday Burridge will have the opportunity to get their first win at Kytes Lane. What's it going to be? Anyone who says they know the answer is clearly lying.

Previous form between Burridge and Durley Reserves

12/01/08 Durley 2-1 Burridge
29/03/08 Burridge 4-1 Durley
07/03/09 Durley 2-1 Burridge
25/04/09 Burridge 0-2 Durley



Jimmy Bastard said...

Lessons are for the classroom... fitba is for life!

Wilts said...

Do we need any extra motivation to beat them?? Lets make sure we don't miss the saints game for nothing, 3 points or nothing lads.

Mark Emerson Sanderson said...

Sheesh. Saturday's kick off has been moved to 2:30 so we don't get to watch the Saints game. One word for you Durley. Mugs.

Anonymous said...

Your lucky you've still got the chance to play em! just think porstmouth's last ever game could be a defeat to southampton, im sure you scummers will love that??!!

Madame DeFarge said...

I'm waiting with bated breath. Did you win or lose?

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