Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sholing Sports 3-2 Burridge AFC

Burridge (in red) and Sholing search for the ball?

Short shortage

A man with white hair about his temples stood watching the game. After several minutes he asked the man next to him if what they were watching was junior football. When he was told that it was senior football he raised his eyebrows and decided to leave. Burridge were wearing their red away kit. There's never enough shorts to go around. Justin Newman brought along his own pair. They're the same ones he wears down the swimming baths. Their snug but perishable inner lining was still very much intact.

Burridge colossus Kev Willsher sat in the away dressing room taping his broken toes together. The thin walls couldn't deny Dizzee Rascal's MC-ing from Sholing's ghetto blaster. Kev plunged his fist deep into the foot of one of his long red football socks. He left it there for a moment. Those waiting for him to begin an impromptu puppet show with the sock mouse were left disappointed. The game was tied 2-2 after 20 minutes. Bryn Schwodler and Lee Fielder put Burridge 1-0 and 2-1 ahead. Then Sam Hewitt headed the ball away with his hand. Sholing scored the penalty. Sam was left to roam the the rest of the first half with the same dead eyed expression that haunted Arthur Fowler when he got sent down to Smithy's nick.

The Second half

Burridge had kick-off. Lee Fielder legged it down the left waiting for Justin Newman's pass. Justin decided it was better all round if he banged if off for a throw in deep into Sholing's half of the pitch. Greg Baker asked if he'd piled on big in a spread bet on first throw in of the second half.

Sholing had a few on the sidelines. One was assisted by a single crutch. He didn't like the look of Sam Schwodler's face. 'Lee Fucking Bowyer,' he said. 'That's who he looks like.' Ryan Jones made several long walks behind his goal to retrieve the ball. On one a small boy, no more than seven, who was strongly encouraged by his father, tried to kick Jonesy around the waist. The boy's Dad found it hilarious. This served as a swift reminder that we weren't very far from Weston. Jonesy was left to make a much shorter but painful walk to the back of his net when Sholing scored their third goal.

Burridge lined up in a 3-4-3 formation

GK:Ryan Jones
DF:Kristian Hewitt(c)
DF:Kev Willsher
DF:Sam Hewitt
RM:Jay Schwodler (Greg Baker)
CM:Mark Reeves
CM:Justin Newman (Marc Judd)
LM:Mark Sanderson
CF:Lee Fielder (Rich Allan)
CF:Bryn Schwodler
CF:Sam Schwodler

Above: Justin Newman and Kristian Hewitt prepare for a free kick.

Next Saturday Burridge face against their arch bogey side Durley. At Durley. Kick off could be as early as 9:30am so we can all watch the Saints game.



Lulu LaBonne said...

Sholing had a few on the sidelines ???
Women...pints of whisky...pies
why isn't he kicking a ball?

Mark Emerson Sanderson said...

(Mental note: don't write these wretched reports in haste or Miss Lulu will get jolly batey.)

Sholing had a few followers. They were men. I'd say late twenties to early thirties.

Mark Emerson Sanderson said...

Results from this w/e. London Airways crash to their first defeat of season. Is's not a typo.

Hiltingbury 3 - 2 AFC Redbridge
Durley Res 5 - 0 London Airways
Hythe & Dibden Res 4 - 0 Netley Central
Hythe Aztecs 3 - 3 BTC Southampton Res
Sholing Sports 3 - 2 Burridge AFC
Warsash Wasps 3 - 1 Michelmersh

Lukey said...

Who put 20p in your slot?

Wilts said...

Time to break the Durley hoodoo then.

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