Monday, 22 March 2010

AFC Hiltingbury 4-1 Burridge

Burridge played Hiltingbury knowing they will have a new manager next season. Prior to the game Pete Lyons told his players that he would not be continuing for a fifth year. Some players reacted by studying the dressing room floor. Others smeared Ralgex into their legs. None of them said a word. Once Pete had named his starting eleven the players' silence was broken by words of encouragement as they went outside into the drizzle.

When Sam Schwodler headed in Kristian Hewitt's ring wing cross Burridge looked on course to put an end to successive defeats. It was as good as their afternoon got. I'd been picked to play in holding midfield, a position known as the water carrier. All around me players were going thirsty. By half time Hiltingbury were winning 3-1. During the second their goalkeeper was not disturbed.

Losing in an affluent suburb of town to a younger side who pronounced both letter t's in the word bottle was hard for Burridge to take. They took their frustration out at the referee. He retaliated by showing three yellow cards. All were for dissent. Hiltingbury's celebrations for their fourth goal were reserved to handshakes. On evidence of Burridge's performance they may have expected to score more goals.

Burridge lined up in a 4-4-2 formation:

GK:Paul Andrews
RB:Sam Hewitt
CB:Ben Hutton
CB:Kev Willsher
LB:Paul Dyke
RM:Kristian Hewitt
CM:Justin Newman (Bryn Schwodler)
CM:Mark Sanderson
LM:Marc Judd (Jay Schwodler)
CF:Ben Rowe
CF:Sam Schwodler (Lee Fielder)


Paul Dyke
Ben Hutton
Kristian Hewitt



George Graham said...

Will potential new managers need to apply for interview?

Ian Branfoot said...

Put my name in the hat.

Chairman said...

Seems to be a few gaps in your CV, Ian. What have you been up to for the last few years. Well, since 1994 actually.

Mark Sanderson said...

Last training session this Wednesday evening. Game is scheduled this Saturday 27th and Monday 29th. said...

A bit unfortunate Saturday with the way the day panned out losing our keeper in the morning then having to leave Ben on with an injury as we had used our subs.Good chance to hit them straight back at home on Saturday followed by Sholing Mon 29th and Durley on Wed 30th all at home.Our luck will change soon and get back to the fortress shed @ burridge.Lets not let this season flitter out I want to finish as high as possible in my swan song year!I will miss all you lot at the end of the season. It will be a good chance for some of you to put your ideas to the test!!!!!see you at training tonight lads the gaffer

Madame DeFarge said...

The other side sound awfully posh. Are you sure they're footballers?

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