Sunday, 23 October 2005

Academicals 4 - 0 Burridge AFC

Saturday 22nd October

Venue: Wide lane

Despite a full strength squad, Burridge succombed to another defeat which leaves staring down the barel of a gun in last position. Unable to deal with Academicals and their raw pace they found themselves two goals down at half time without offering any genuine threat to their opponents.

The second half saw Ben Wilson having to leave the field with a dead leg, and although Burridge didn't allow themselves to wallow in self pity - 2 more goals were conceded. Survey reserves 5-1 disposal of Comrades only added salt to Burridge's wound.

4-4-2: Dave Hopkins, Luke Sanderson, Paul Dyke, Ben Wilson (Kristian Hewitt), Paul Dyke, Jay Scwhodler, Greg Baker (Rich Allan), Steve Froud, Mark Sanderson, Ross Bryant, Paul Andrews (Mark Reeves), Lee Wood

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Burridge Sports 1 - 2 Malvern
Survey Res 5 - 1 Classic Comrades Res
Priory Rovers 1 -1 Solent WTL
Spartans 2 - 2 Capital


fielder said...

oh dear...

Luke said...

Who is the post above from?

BONER said...

'Alright BOY'

Dykey said...

very very disappointed in it all. they were a better team then us but on our day e can beat them so why do we seem never to have our day at the moment?!?!?!?!!

we ALL need to take a good long look at ourselves and ask why we are not performing on saturdays? Do some of us see it as just a laugh, is the will to win not as great as say sundays?
Do we not have the belief that we can win in ourselves and eachother - cos i tell ya this week against top of the league unbeaten Solent is going to be a very long game if that is the case.
We seriously need to address this otherwise, even though we now have alot of players, we may keep losing and players will leave if this keeps on happening!

this may seem like a pointless message but no one wants to feel the way that we did after the last 7 games or however many loses we have so things must change in ALL our minds, attitude and effort FAST!

Mark Sanderson said...

I still believe we'll improve on Saturdays. We were undone by some real pace, which will always cause problems.

I know all the lads are still as keen as ever. Saturday is another day and another chance to put it right - it may be against the leaders, but it's them who have everything to lose, not us.

Anonymous said...

Have not heard from Colin B yet, i hope you all know that there is a fixture change this Saturday 29th Oct, you are now home to Capital

Anonymous said...

29th Oct 2005 Another two Cautions Scott and Ross

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