Sunday, 30 October 2005

Burridge AFC 1-2 Spinnaker

Sunday 30th October

Venue: Burridge Rec.

Burridge surrendered to their first league defeat of the season, in a fixture that often threatens to become heated. This one decided to emigrate to the Costa Brava; Scott Burnet was involved in an incident which saw his opposite number sent off. Anglo Saxon wording was exchanged, along with plenty of vigorous finger pointing, as the majority of the 22 players gravitated to the scene of the crime, like Mexico '86 magnetic marbles to a fridge door. By this time Burridge were losing, but it started out so differently. Rich Allan, finished a glorious passing move by turning an unleashing a perfect half volley into the top corner from the edge of the penalty area.

Spinnaker drew level directly from a corner, whipped in with pace and assistance from the elements. Their winning goal again came from a cross from Spinnaker's right flank, Hopkins' - who may well of been planning to launch the ball upfield - slipped, allowing the ball to leave his grasp giving Spinnaker an opportunity that was impossible to miss.

3-5-3: Dave Hopkins, Mark Sanderson, Ross Bryant, Kev Willsher, Paul Dyke, Scott Burnet, Jay Schwodler, Rich Allan, Bryn Schwodler, Paul Andrews, Kristian Hewitt (Lee Fielder)

Other results:

Afc Spotted Cow 3-1 Waterlooville Social
Gems 0-4 Wickham Dynamos

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6/11/ away to Gems FC
13/11/home to Waterlooville Social Clb
20/11/ away to Wickham Dynamos
27/11/ home to Spotted Cow


statto said...

impressive, wonder the ref didnt pick up on 12 players in the 3-5-3 formation

Scotty B said...

Special thanks goes out to Dykey, Kev and all the others that ran in to offer me some protection from the inevitable 11 man pounding to would have otherwise received. You guys are the best!

Deano said...

Ha ha, So Dave can only be the hero once in a week then? Doughnut.

Butterfingers said...

deano you bitch, i didnt give you the address so you could abuse me!

fielder said...

don't worry about giving me a special mention scott, seeing as i was the first one there and took a massive whack off the ball for ya. nice one. definitely not playing again now, and i mean it this time!

white brian dean said...

Nevermind chaps, we played better than them despite losing, remember we hit the bar, the post and forced several good saves from their overweight keeper.

Scott, i wanna say i was first in there to help you out, the harsh reality is - i wasn't, mentally i had him beat for you, but physically i was elsewhere, also spiritally in a another place.

We dealt with it well though, Scott, you will get to play in december, that mother funster won't. Who is the real winner there?

white brian dean said...

Also, i've been doing some thinking, how can i create more shooting opportunities for both myself and for others?

Aside from the obvious, what can i work on? I have an idea where my strengths and weaknesses lay, but this is your chance, the people, my people, to point me in the right direction. Don't waste this opportunity to improve me, improve us.

All suggestions taken on board. But i won't be retiring just yet!

Go Team Burridge!

Anonymous said...

just watch darius vassel. i've just seen him destroy villa...

Anonymous said...

I don't mind telling everyone i am bitterly disappointed with the result yesterday, losing is always difficult to take, but when it happens against a bunch of wankers like them, it just makes it a double whammy. Will take me the rest of week to get over it i feel.

Just watched sorry Villa take a tonking, Fielder your beloved team are on the slippery slope, hopefully we will pass you on the way up!

Scotty B said...

Anonymous, I'm with you. I know what it feels like to lose but Sunday night I felt sick inside...more so than usual. I want to vent my frustration and emptiness on next weeks opposition now! In the true spirit of the game though.

Dykey said...

yeah we were unlucky but hey that is our first defeat of the year. i feel a massive push from us now can see us storm the league and get into some more cup finals!!!!!

we can do this if as a team we believe and want it an enough.

As for scotty no worries bud you knwo i am always the first around when a scrap looks like getting heated. the matey saw my guns coming and dissappeared into the field next door.

As for brian deano i do nto thinkt he forum is the place to discuss the floors of others as people can abuse this honest heart felt call for help - wednesday may be better.

1 2 3 TEAM!!

Anonymous said...

dykey, as always mightly impressed with your fantastic spelling and grammar. How the hell did you pass your GCSEs?!

Anonymous said...

afc spotted cow are run-away league champions. we'll be lucky to grab 4th spot.

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