Monday, 10 October 2005

Saturdays Needs You

I don't want to scaremonger, but at present we have 9 players available for this Saturday's fixture, as Dean & Rich are away.

7.Greg - but a 35 day ban is to start Monday 24th October to and including 27th November.

I had a brainwave last night, we have a decent Sunday 'reserve' side, maybe I could canvass some of them into playing? Colin, what do you think? Because at present it's feasible that Kristian won't have a team to come back to.


Anonymous said...

is this the end of saturday burridge afc ? its not looking good : (

Emerson Marks said...

I certainly hope not, but it is still a possibility. Luck may come into play.

Scotty B said...

Another weekend in the dumps fella's!
- Hoppo: struggling to beat the confidence problems
- Sandy: struggling to keep this titanic of a team afloat
- Andrews: Still celebrating Sunday's goal.
- Dykey: ready to jump ship and swim to the safety of another team.
- Rossy: It's all someone else's fault.
- Richie: Struggling to beat the take away addiction.
- Luke: Distraught at the prospect of no Saturday football.
- Jay: Refusing to drawn upon all his many years of adult football.
- Greg: Impending ban. Helpless!

This has the making of a Major League blockbuster, much like the remake of Mean Machine. The team struggles against adversity and comes through to win the world series.

Stick with it lads and weather the storm. That world-series is there if you want it.

Emerson Marks said...

Another problem has been scoring goals. At present it's 2 in 5.
Lost 2-4 Spartans
Lost 0-3 Burridge Sports
Lost 0-2 Cadnam
Drew 2-2 Comrades
Lost 0-2 Malvern
Whilst on Sundays, we've scored 15 in 6.

Scotty B said...

Do you mean 4 in 5 or have I missed something?

Emerson Marks said...

Apologies, 4 in 5, that's 4 in 5!

Scotty B said...

Thank God for that. For a second there I thought that line of coke had just fried my brain.

Anonymous said...

hey, scotts' getting funny. i like it.

ColinB said...

ok, further to previous postings and numerous phone calls, we now have the following situation for this saturday:
Special thaks to Dykey for working his magic on Froudy (apologies but i dont know his christian name).
Dave Hopkin - Available

Paul Andrews – Available

Paul Dyke – Available

Jay Schwodler – Available

Luke Sanderson – Available

Mark Sanderson – Available

Ross Bryant – Available

Ben Wilson – Available

Greg Baker - Available

Lee Wood - Available

Froudy - New Signing

Hopefully, with the below players returning from holiday and injury next week and after we should have a more than capable squad and all the current gloom and doom can be dispelled!!

Richard Allan – Holiday

Kristian Hewitt – Holiday

Dean Wall – Unavailable

Carl Godwin – Injured

Michael Hogg – Injured

Chris Hogg – Injured

Emerson Marks said...

Good news, I think you'll all agree.

Father Jack said...

Feck! and i thought i would be administering the last rites to this proud club. Maybe another time......

Froudie said...

morning new team mates
the first name is steve and i also come with a mate, mark reeves, who's on a stag weekend saturday but wants a game in the future. he'll be training on wednesady

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