Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Burridge's Nigerian Link

I'm still not sure if indeed this was a wind up, but even so, it's still rather funny. Here's the email I received on 26th August in response to our player search......

Greetings to you. I am also commending you for a job well done . My name is TAIWO-OGUNLEYE , I am a young healthy young man of 16yrs old who hails from Nigeria. My purpose of sending this mail is to inform you that I have viewed your profile via the internet and I am interested in joining your youth team .I played for a local but unregistered club here in Nigeria. However the unavailability of my club to registered has really dash my chances of proven myself as a good player. SIR, my family are aware of this proposal and they have given me a go-ahead, and infact they are ready to bear all the responsibility toward my progress in the football industries since thay have known me to have an ambition to be a good footballer. I will be very greatful if my proposal to help me join your youth team is favourable considered.
I await a favourable reply from you sooner.

Thank you
yours faithfully

This was quickly followed by this......

I went through the website and i am impress at what i saw which i see as a great and a feature club, so i will like to send three of my player to your club for a trial and after them if satisfy we can then settle other terms. And their age categorically 16/17 year old male from Nigeria, in which they have play in several amateur league competition. So therefore i will be extremely greatful if my offer is being granted favourable consideration.

your faithful
club secretary

I felt it was only right to reply......

Hello Bolaji,

Thank you for replying.
I think there has been some confusion.
My team Burridge is only a local amateur team in Southampton, we are not professional, we are not even semi professional. We play in an organised league but just for fun.

Are you actually emailing me from Nigeria? If so, I'm astonished that my boring little advert has reached you. By the sounds of it, your players would be far to good for us! Sorry to disappoint you.

However, if your players are based in Southampton, then you're more than welcome to train with us. If not, then perhaps you could liase with Easyjet and propose regular flights between Lagos and Southampton.

All the very best,

From Mark E Sanderson.


Anonymous said...

i love the reply!

iceman said...

That is priceless! well done for being so straight with him, like you say, i can't believe they read your ad and took it seriously!

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