Sunday, 23 October 2005

Aquaseal 2 - 4 Burridge AFC

Sunday 24th October
Venue: Wicor Rec
Competition: Dave Blunt Cup

Burridge, whom on Sundays, are nothing if not difficult to beat actually won rather than drew when it looked as if they were to lose. Although they had chances to score, most of the first half was spent defending; as Kev Wilsher was left to combat an opponent of equal aerial ability, whilst Mark Sanderson was left a little exposed to his opposite's pace. It was this speed that saw Burridge a goal down, but a rare attack saw the ball fall to Scott Burnet, who volleyed firmly into the roof of the net from seven yards.

In the second period, craft was not so much abandoned but not allowed to develop due to an increasing frequency of pedantic referring decisions. Even so, Aquaseal again took the lead; the ball threaded to their centre forward, who ran free of the defence before striking high past Hopkins. Their joy however, was shortlived, because within the next few moments Burridge would have scored twice. The comeback began when Rich Allan darted down the left flank and sent a driven cross that was nothing less than a written invitation to score - Bryn Schwodler duly obliged via his head to make it two each. Before Aquaseal had time to become used to the score, the ball had been sent from right to left, and Greg Baker arriving at the back post smashed home a half volley - his first goal on Sundays. Burridge then managed to find every clumsy Aquaseal leg on which necessary to fall over. One such awarded free kick, saw Bryant - who'd been moved to the flank - roll inside from the right to Rich Allan who took the ball into his stride before sending his shot high into the goalkeeper's right hand corner, sealing victory.

3-5-2: Dave Hopkins, Ross Bryant, Kev Willsher, Mark Sanderson, Paul Dyke, Jay Schwodler (Paul Andrews), Greg Baker, Scott Burnet, Rich Allan, Kristian Hewitt, Bryn Schwodler

Other Cup scores

AFC Spotted Cow 1-1 Meonstoke
Aquaseal Res 1-0 Burridge AFC Res
East Meon 3-2 Shelford Rovers
Froxfield 1-4 Lynx Sports
Gems FC 2-3 Miller
Lotus XI 2-5 Titchfield FC
Masters 4-10 Spinnaker
Priory Inn 0-2 Clanfield FC
Ranvilles Rangers 2-1 Southwick Lions
Soberton Utd 2-4 Titchfield Res
West Meon and Warnford Res 1-3 Asda Athletic
West System Utd 0-1 AFC Paxton
Wickham Dynamos 3-1 Tempest Utd
Wickham Utd 4-2 North Boarhunt

PS Next Sunday (30/10/05) Burridge have a home league fixture against Spinnaker.


iceman said...

well done boys, very pleasing result yesterday, our fighting spirit showewd through again, and may i add, 4 very good goals!

Scotty B said...

Fantastic result lads! Sure, there was pressure but we weathered the storm and came up trumps. How many times have we played really well and lost? let's milk this. Bring on Spinnaker!

On a side note, I had a dream the other night (not in a Martin Luther King way) where I forumlated my idea woman. I discussed this with Greg, Paul and kev in the car after the game as I had Myleene Klass' looks with June Sarpong's personality. I was mocked for it but I'm sticking to my guns on this one. kev said Jessica Alba (that's it) and Baker said Kim (the trollop) Marsh. Does anyone else want to share their ideal woman? Remember it can combine different features from different women.

Big 'Ern said...

Pat Butcher's face, Lorraine Kelly's norks, and Fern Britton's figure.

Kristian said...

I hope the 20 yard dash becomes an Olympic sport, Rich would win hands down. Raw pace!

Dykey said...

i have just found a very very strange footy kit so hopefully i will be wearing it to training soon.

Good result yesterday - everyon edone their jobs well and as scott says we have been drawing/losing them sort of games last year so def. improvement.

as for richy's pace - blistering.

Ideal women well:-

Jes simpson's body;
Denise van outens personality;
Cristina sex appeal (filthyness)
Zoe ball's personality (bit laddy)mixed with the old britney (very girlies)
Face well tough one but

Lee's sister

Emerson Marks said...

I had a flash back of Dickie Allan, circa 1998, in the all royal blue of Inter Northam, sponsored by Alka-Selza. Does anybody have any photographs of Rich around then. It's just that I've noticed opponents call him fatty - it's cruel. But he had the last laugh with an a assist and gaol - fantasy football heaven.

Emerson Marks said...

I meant GOAL, not gaol or jail.

Mark Sanderson said...

Angelina Jolie anyone? (Hands off Bryn)

Dykey said...

not that keen on her to be honest.
dont get me wrong you woul dbut just feel lot better out there.


blonde from sugarbabe
or blonde from attomic kitten
or kelly brook
the list could go on and on and on

Scotty B said...

I agree with Dykey. I wouldn't say no to her but she's not my cup of tea. Jolie's yours Mark!

Kristian said...

Scott, Angelina Jolie's not your cup of tea but Myleene Klass is.

fielder said...

jesus christ. angelina jolie not your cup of tea?? have a day off.

kelly brook is my fave at the mo, along with angelina and of course my little louise redknapp. oh and dionne from babecast, who incidentally licked her boobs for ME on television! good girl. bryn and marcus will back me up on that!

fielder said...

also, Scotty VOLLEYING in a goal, Richie Allen DARTING down the left wing?? when are you going to write the real report mark? oh... we conceded 2 goals again, meaning we had to score 3 or more to win. maybe it is the correct one.

iceman said...

Hey fielder, less of the negative chat, where was your support yesterday? There two goals were totally out of the blue, i have to give their striker credit for the way he dispatched them. Overall we were very solid at the back, and in midfield i thought.

On the subject of favourite women, i would also put kelly brook alongside jessica alba, and definately Angelina Jolie!

fielder said...

dont do away games. unless they're in hedge end.

jay said...

I see we have now got Capital at Burridge on saturday and not Solent who Survey are now playing, at least we have the chance to go above them.

Colinb said...

Erin Boag or Camilla Dallerup, well worth watching strictly come dancing for. if u dont believe me, check out
give either of them abi titmusses propensity for lady love, charlotte churches knowledge of a good night out and pavarottis wifes desire for fat blokes and i might be heading for the divorce courts....

colinb said...

Just to re-run an old chris moyles phone in poll, Lorraine Kelly, if you knew none of your mates would find out, would you??

greg_baker said...

Can I just clarify I did NOT say Kym Marsh was my ideal woman, just merely that she was the best member Hear'Say. Of which, in my humble opinion there can be little doubt. Like of course, Sporty being the best Spice Girl.

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