Monday, 3 October 2005

GTI 5 - 3 Burridge AFC


Sunday 3rd October

Venue: Plessey Sports Ground, West Cowes

Burridge were condemned to defeat as they shipped five goals in a game for the first time since March 2004's 5-2 away defeat to Bobs XI. The game, during its infancy, saw Bryn Schwodler knock in for the lead; and it appeared Burridge were about to embark on a straight forward victory. They were not. Possession is afterall, only nine tenths of the law, an attacking wave would too often loose momentum at the shore of GTI's defence.

Perhaps they could sense this, their more direct approach was paying dividends, and although defending was questionable on their equalizer, Burridge were aghast when the referee pointed to the spot after Kev Willsher had appeared to head away fairly. Nobody on the field had made the slightest appeal, and Burridge's initial reaction to the referee's outstretched finger was of utter astonishment. The penalty was scored, and it was a mental blow that Burridge never recovered from, despite Bryn Schwodler equalizing from his brother's (Jay) pass.

Within the space of ten minutes, the game was put beyond Burridge's reach, as all round sloppy play provided GTI to add 3 more goals. Rich Allan did reduce the lead, but it was all too late. Burridge will have to apply themselves more diligently if they expect to get anything against Gems next Sunday.

3-5-2 Dave Hopkins, Kev Willsher, Mark Sanderson, Ross Bryant, Paul Dyke, Scott Burnet, Jay Schwodler (Lee Fielder), Rich Allan, Greg Baker, Bryn Schwodler, Paul Andrews


JR said...

Hi JR again

this weeks match on a primitive island, leads us somewhat pwedictably to


what appeared to be a straight forward victory for buwwidge when the scoring was opened by schwodler soon soured as GTI took a grip on the game, somewhat aided and abetted by a mystewious cweature suwweptitiousy luwing buwwidge to their doom from the centre of the park. Bryn ' Charlie Pace' Schwodler satisfied his cwaving for goals with a neat bwace but 3 goals in 10 mins in 2nd half put paid to any hopes of rescue for Buwwidge. Richard 'DR Jack Shepherd' Allan scored to rally the stranded buwwidge but it was to no avail....

Sir John Major said...

I know its you Mark!

Emerson Marks said...

Then maybe you'll be good enough to slip free of your moniker. It's not Scooby Doo you know.

I'll say this once, I only post as Mark Sanderson or Burridge AFC. I'd like to ask a question though; what was your (that's everybody's) first game you went to?

After badgering Father for many months he eventually succombed and one night he came home from work and presented me with tickets for Saints versus Everton.

It was early '89 - a late starter you may say - in ended 1-1. Kevin Sheedy unleashed a thirty yard howitzer past hand walking eccentric John Burridge, but Kevin Moore headed the equaliser. I can still recall Tony Cottee's imaculate gel short back and sides like it was yester

Barry Norman said...

Usual Suspects: Twists and turns, intrigue and perception, and left confused at the outcome.

James King said...

I would compare the performance to Jeepers Creepers:
Fast out of the blocks, with excitement aplenty, then started to drift aimlessly as plot progresses, with the ending turning towards a farcical shambles. I won't even mention Jeepers Creepers 2!

Emerson Marks said...

Or perhaps Jurrasic Park Two; a disturbing island experience that I don't want to repeat.

Emerson Marks said...

Former West Ham, Manchester City and Everton midfielder Mark Ward has been jailed for eight years after pleading guilty to possessing 9lbs of cocaine with intent to supply. Yikes.

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