Monday, 23 March 2009

Northend 4-1 Burridge

Written on a Sunday...

(right) Eva - still not returning my calls.

Sunday really is a bastard of a day. Last time I felt like this I woke up in hospital with a drip feed in my arm. What I need right now is a good rub down from Eva Longoria, not sat staring at this blank sheet of paper. Every part of my body is telling me that following Saturday afternoon's game with another on Sunday morning is the worst idea since they took blockbusters off the air.

My nose is bleeding again. Must have over done it with the trimmer. It's no longer hair I'm up against, it's nylon thread. What with half of it being white I'm convinced I could patch together a pretty sturdy goal net with my nasal sprouting.

(above) Kristian Hewitt lets fly earlier in the season against Durley.

Another beating for Burridge and a good one at that. Their heads hung low as Ben Stanfield retrieved the ball from his net for the fourth time of the afternoon, as Northend's tattooed bodies, carved from wood, made their way back to the half way line. How long before Burridge's priorities change? When chasing more able players around barren council land subside to the necissity of creosoting fences? Whatever happens I refuse to be seduced by golf.

Jay Schwodler was unfortunate to concede his second penalty in a week with his second consecutive hand ball. But as always, hope springs eternal. Fan's favourite, 37 year old Justin Newman, repeated last week's first touch goal, by coming off the bench to momentarily put Burridge back in the game.

(left) Jay Schwodler's new T-shirt range. You've got to hand it to him, he's having no problems coming to grips with it.

The Burridge line up against Northend at Trojans on Saturday 21st March are listed below:


Subs: Newman, Reeves, Jones, Reid


Jimmy Bastard said...

One bad result does not close a season reet? Analyse the mistakes, make the necessary changes, play hard, mark harder.

If a team like Man Ushited can go down to the likes of Fulham, then everyone of us is vunerable.

Heads up, chests out, boots firmly in for the next one.

Never say die.. reet?

The Gaffer said...

Good side who worked well off the ball we did not deserve much out of the game.Still when we play them next Wed week we will know more about the long throw see you all Wed the gaffer

Gorilla Bananas said...

Schwodler's overwhelming urge to fondle the ball sounds dodgy to me. Does he play billiards when he's got his hands in his pockets?

Heff said...

we have a lot in common.

Eva doesn't call me back, either.

wilts said...

A resounding defeat boys, i just hope we can improve slightly and compete a bit better next wednesday, no one wants to lose 4-1at the end of the day. I know the season is drawing to a close, but we have to keep the effort going, lets not just go through the motions with the remaining fixtures.

Emerson Marks said...

Jimmy B: Ever thought oof going into motivational speaking? I think there's a big future for you.

Gaffer: We'll bounce back.

GB: Bryn Schwodler always been keen on a game of pocket billiards, but I'm not sure if that can be said of Jay.

Heff: I feel your pain.

Wilts: You're spot on.

The Gaffer said...

Lads have a great weekend on Kritians stag do be safe and look out for each other.See those playing golf on Friday.
Next match is @ Burr against Northend Wed 1st April 6pm KO.Still have five fixtures to complete by the end of April and will probably be playing a game Sat 11th and Bank holidy Monday 13th April.Need to know availibility so that we can fulfil these fixtures so let me know next week.Might need some of our semi-crocked players to make an appearance if poss so that we can get a side out!!!All the best the gaffer

fields said...

get in!!

Anonymous said...

training was good last night boys, poor turnout but we made the most of it. Hopefully we can return from the stag do recharged and ready to do a job on Northend next wednesday.

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