Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Inmar 2-3 Burridge
Green Park, Millbrook

Pictured above: Inmar make it 2-2 with a 2 minutes left to play

How can something so insignificant mean so much and be so bad? I'm not talking about my next door neighbour, Greg Baker, having it off, I'm talking about Burridge. About a year or so ago my health wasn't feeling too clever. I asked my brother if he'd look at what I'd done in the toilet. He wasn't that keen, but I was desperate. He thought I'd a shot a rabbit down there. I diagnosed myself on the internet and it said I should ring 999, but those few days were still more fun than tonight's game. Lee Fielder's knees passed on several years ago, but Burridge had to rely on him to win this game right at the very death.

Half time score Burridge 0-1 Inmar
Burridge Scorers: Marc Judd 1-1 with a lob
Marc Judd 2-1 with a thunder strike
Lee Fileder 3-2 right in the very last minute

The Buridge line up who beat Inmar tonight in their changed shirts of red and white stripes were were:

In goal: 1.Ben Hutton

Left Back: 2.It's me innit - "What the Hell's this? I ordered gin & tonic."

Burridge skipper and man mountain centre half:3. Kev Willsher

Centre half:4. Big Ben

Right-back:5.Greg Baker

Left midfield: 6.The Mark Reeves

Right midfield: 7. Rich 'Chinese-Monkey' Allan

Centre midfield: 8.Fan's favourite, Justin Newman

Centre midfield: 9. Juddy - two craking goals got us right back in the game.

Centre forward:10.The ox

Centre forward:11.The Andrews

Off the bench:12.Mike Reid

Off the bench to score the winner:13.Lee Fielder

Oh look, another one of Lee Fielder, small in stature but with huge (ahem) presence.

All pictures by Giggsy Wiggsy of Noono Booni knackered knee.


Madame DeFarge said...

A fine body of men. I'm all a quiver. Congrats on the win, especially in such thrilling circumstances. I'm surprised that there weren't more people throwing up with nerves. Mine are shredded even reading about it.

Emerson Marks said...

We couldn't have done it without you, Fargey. God speed.

Nobody sicked up. It wasn't such a bad night.

Scarlet-Blue said...


savannah said...

*sigh* i feel like such a cradle robber looking at these delicious young bodies, i mean, men! ;) xoxox

oh yeah, congrats on the win, sugar! ;)

Jimmy Bastard said...

Good result lads, in at the death with the winner. Inmar's equaliser in the 88th minute was surely offside? Just look at the replay photie.

Ref?... Ref?

Lulu LaBonne said...

So - after you'd made your brother look in the lav did you remember that you'd been eating beetroot?

That Justin's had too much pumping up, let a bit of air out next time and he'll run faster

Gorilla Bananas said...

Are you the only one with a moustache then? Something the ladies can recognise you by, I suppose. At least you didn't stuff a banana in your shorts.

69 said...

alot of players were not up for it last night,surely we should name and shame them?lee came on and changed the game,he was amazing,i thought he had a bad knee,i think he just likes to show off,what do you think mark....before the game he was warming up and looked great without a shirt...he has started to lose his pace and his looks.

The Gaffer said...

Typical end of season nothing to play for wed eve game kept going and just about got our just rewards.What didn't help was their bent manager on the line.Last game this Sat with depleted numbers again another win would be good to finish the season.Going to call a players meeting when the newly weds are back to discuss a few things regarding end of season do and next season etc probably in the Bugle when there is a match on. Need definite numbers and monies Sat for end of season bash!!the gaffer

Emerson Marks said...

Scarla:Come on, love. Snap out of it.

Savva: age is no barrier. Fan's favourite, Justin Newman is 37 and still at it.

Jimmy: There was a whiff about something last night. I'd say shite. That's what out performance stunk of.

Lu-lozza - There's plenty of air coming out of Justin and it's usually hot.

Gozza - I prefer shuttle cocks than bananas if I need extra purchase down there.

Emerson Marks said...

Fan's favourite, 69, JN: I thought Lee's hair looked magnificent. Really magnificent.

Fields said...

My hair looked 'ok' Mark, magnificent is a bit strong. Shite to watch, shite to play in. Felt like a loss when the final whistle blew, but at least we ground it out eh? Scarlet-blue, what's up with all the sighing?

brynaldo said...

sandy as I can't get hold of you via facebook would you like to give kris and donna a message that can read out tomorrow.

rich chinese monkey sir allan said...

Burridge afc would like to congratulate kristian and donna on their marriage and wish them all the best for the future, any chance u can get back for sat's game as well short on numbers !!!

Kopenjz said...

You and your brother must be very asked him to 'av a peek in the potty? Is he a witchdoctor or some kind of Druid Seer?

Now back to the roll call
..they're fine, brave, young lads..young, gallant, centaurs in the prime of life.

What's all this then about #5 Greg Baker having it off? What exactly does that mean in Colonial Anglysche?

wilts said...

Would have to agree lads, was pretty miserable last night! But result was all important, we have played and lot better and got tonked so will take it. Lets finish the season in style on then get our drinking boots on!

Emerson Marks said...

Bryn! Bloody hell, it's a bit late now innit, nipper?

Donny Kops! Having it off, my son, means the old in & out. Bit of rumbly-tumbly, know hwat I mean?

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