Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Winners of the Sexy Blog Award: Burridge

Thank-you, Leah, from Brooklyn, for giving Burridge something they haven't had for a very long time. No, not that! An award. And if you don't go and visit her blog you're nothing more than a dirty beast.

As is customary when receiving such an award, I will reveal 5 things that make Burridge sexy, but first let me set the scene from when I sat down to write this 2 hours ago:

I am sat at home at my mahogany bureau, eating a bowl of peanut flavoured Wotsits. My ears are covered by ancient Panasonic stereo headphones. They make me look like Princess Leia. Through them John Barry's score for Her Majesty's Secret service is turned up very loud and through the open window I can see people fleeing from the pouring rain as if their lives depended on it.

Do all these things make me feel sexy? Yes they do.

And also I'm not wearing any trousers.

5 Reasons why Burridge are sexy.

Biff - sex point 1 - They like eating meat outdoors.

Thwack - sex point number 2 - They (Greg Baker) think nothing of going up Buckingham Palace for a cuppa and listen to old jug ears, Prince Charles, rattle on about plants.

Wollop - sex pointer 3.They like getting their wing-wangs interfered with whilst going at full whack in speed boats in the South of France.

Kaboom - sexy sex point 4 - if the situation calls for it they've no qualms about wearing sunglasses indoors.

Big loud noise - sex point number 5 - they're not afraid to express their feelings. Even if doing so makes you look a complete tit. Notice how safe I look in Kristian Hewitt's strong arms.

And now for me to sex up other bloggers. The awards go to:

1. Gorilla Bananas who is a hairy sexy beast.

2. Lulu who does nothing but ooze the stuff.

3. The Pouncer, you've got to watch out for her.

4. Madame DeFarge,she makes words sexy.

5. Scarlet, always there to lend her full support.

Obviously, the winners don't have to go on and blog about how sexy they are, but the award is their's all the same.


Leah said...

Holy crap, Burridge is sexy.

First one here, does that make me seem...overeager?

Or is it obvious I'm a work-shirker...

Emerson Marks said...

Not at all, Leah.

We like enthusiasm at Burridge.

Work shirker? Oh, I s'pose it's only late afternoon round your way isn't it?

Madame DeFarge said...

Oh boy. Now I'm sexy! I'm probably the happiest I've been in months! I may qualify as a hairy sexy beast too, but I do try to attend to that regularly. You are just the handsomest bunch I know. I am truly honoured. And available for instructions in words.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Yey!! Thank you!!! I also eat meat outdoors.
Erm... just popping back to my favourite Burridge post whilst I'm here... I'm thinking of actually moving in and blogging from it...

WV: menes

Gorilla Bananas said...

What the devil is that roadkill being roasted on a spit? Are you going to invite Leah to watch the boys in action? That's what I'd do. And thanks for passing the award to me, although gorilla sexiness is a bit different to your kind.

Emerson Marks said...

Bathe in the collective glory of the sexy award, my friends.

That poor swine you speak of, Gorilla, was taken from Wickhma butchers.

Emerson Marks said...

That should read Wickham. There's no place I know of called Wickhma.

Reminds me to dig out my VHS copy of the Wicker Man and give it another watch.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Wickhma is south-east of Wicjhma, turn left at London and just follow your nose.

Well done pal.

Lukey said...

That bloke bbqing is really sexy

Lulu LaBonne said...

Wow ... me .... sexy .... now I feel all hot.

Have I got to list sexy stuff on my site now?

Lukey said...

Greg, had you just told a Diana joke in that pic?

Scarlet-Blue said...

Right, I am now up to speed! I finally know what your avatar is. And yes I think me, Mrs P, Madame D, Lulu et al would love to shake some pom-poms for you!

Istvanski said...

So third from bottom is sexy?
It's that word that does it. Bottom.

savannah said...

all y'all are hot damn sexy, sugar! ;) oxoxo

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