Friday, 25 November 2005



1946: Born May 22 in Belfast
1963: Makes debut for Man Utd
1964: Northern Ireland debut
1965: United win the league championship
1968: Voted English and European footballer of the year
1970: Sent off for Northern Ireland for throwing mud at ref
1972: Quits United aged 26

Born: 22 May 1946

Club and country
Manchester United Debut: 1963 361 apps; 136 goals

Northern Ireland Debut: 1964 37 caps; 9 goals

1965: League title

1967: League title
1968: European Cup

Other clubs

Cork Celtic,
LA Aztecs,
Fort Lauderdale,
San Jose,
Brisbane Lions


Mark Sanderson said...

George Best 1946-2005.
Died today 25/11/05 just after 1pm.

Tomorrow, game will go ahead as long as it passes pitch inspection in the morning. Barrie has cut the grass.

We also have 15 players! Surely now, there can be no room for complacency.

fielder said...

15 players? that means someone isn't even going to get a game. bugle tonight anyone? not me, im stayin' in the nice and warm!

may come and watch tomorrow though, so please perform and score some goals for me.

iceman said...

RIP George, you will be sorely missed! I was reading in the paper about him today, and some of the stories almost brought a tear to my eye, a very emotional day indeed.

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