Sunday, 27 November 2005

Burridge AFC 3-5 Malvern

Saturday 26th November 2005
Venue: Burridge

Winter sunk its teeth into the afternoon in more ways than one as Saturday's cold mud was exposed to a topsy-turvy first forty-five minutes.
Wide grins, and imminent Colgate sponsorship became a distinct possibility as Lee Wood made it 1-0 and Kristian Hewitt 2-0 from the penalty spot. Then, all hell broke loose, as Burridge, pinned back in their area, succumbed to three goals, after Luke Sanderson's drilled half volley was tipped over and Kristian Hewitt's solo dribble tickled wide.

If the first half was judged in terms of films, then it was Chuck Norris going ape shit indiscriminately with an AK in Vietnam. The second half however, would have been slow moving with an unfeasible ending that bared no relation to its past. With five minutes on the ticker, Lee Wood headed the leveler, then, Burridge's stickmaster Hopkins went to gather a miss hit high ball which ended in tragedy. He dropped it. Malvern went berserk. A fifth goal followed as Burridge surged forward, and stand in centre back Mark Sanderson had his pass intercepted . Fiddlesticks!

4-4-2 Dave Hopkins, Jay Schwodler, Ben Wilson (Steve Froud), Paul Dyke, Luke Sanderson, Ross Bryant (Mark Reeves), Mark Sanderson, Rich Allan, Kristian Hewitt (Paul Andrews), Bryn Schwodler, Lee Wood,
unused sub: Dean Wall


Anonymous said...

Well, we talk a good game, just dont play it.

Firstly, we must start taking training more seriously. too many people joke at training and cant seem to understand why some try and excell. surely that's what is all about?? If some of us are not willing to move off the ball for each other and are not prepared to run to try and get fitter, and dont have the will to win on a wednesday night, how do we expect to just turn it on at the weekend? It was so evident on saturday that we are a team just going through the motions and expecting things to happen on the pitch rather than making them happen ourselves. Too many people rely on others instead of doing things themselves.

We must start warming up as team properly before games. Two players, whether it be the subs or not should be warming up the keeper for a good 20 minutes, so he can have shots and crosses and get a good feel for the ball, what's the point in everyone just taking turns at smashing the ball into the net? That doesn't help anyone. Whoever is sub, still has a part to play in the game.

Come on guys, we've got to pull this together, otherwise this season could just fade out into disaster. We are the only ones that can change this so i say it starts now. I have chosen to remain anonymous with this post, otherwise people will be talking behind my back, but hey, what's new with us lot right..?

white brian deane said...

I applaude your comment.

I hate being sub. Fact.

One additional comment i want to make is that some people seem to take it as a personal critisim if they get substituted, it has happened forever and probably will for eons more.

The way i see it is, no one has a divine right to automatically have a first team place, so when you get the call, work your balls off, and if you get subbed, take it on the chin, its not because the world is against you, its because the manager wants to try something new, or because you've worked hard and you need a rest.

The season starts now (although technically untrue, it started in September). But motivationally now, onward and upward!

fielder said...

here here! it wasn't great to watch on sat lads. there is definitely a confidence situation amongst the players, and i think we all know, that as a team, it can improve a great deal.

to anon, maybe you're right about some of the things you said. one thing i do know, you were right to remain anonymous!

Froudie said...

I like training as it is but only if it affects the game on saturday - why get good at 3 touch, finding space, being patient and happy to go backwards as well as forwards if saturday becomes 5 touches and punting it to CF. i know i'm the new boy but do really care. (having said that i cant make training this week but will be in the gym staying fit)

running the line is worse than being sub !!

Mark Sanderson said...

Nevermind lads, there's always next Saturday. Brucie Hopkins and Mark Torben Piecnick made mistakes that prevented us getting a smash and grab draw!

Anyone see the Barca game? They're something else at the moment. Lionel Messi? He's different gravy, Ronaldinho's not too shabby either. Monster!

Also Gazetta Football Italia is back, now it's on Bravo, still with James Richardson presenting it. Gol Lazoo!

Deano said...

Investing an entire saturday into turning out and nearly freezing to death is not a problem, being subbed un used or otherwise is fine, but to not have an explanation or see any obvious reason is just dam frustrating. Anonymous said the boss is just trying something new, well getting pretty much hammered every week and starting with the same line up is not something new in this mans oppinion.
Players who have not turned out for the club before get straight into the starting line up. And guys who have been loyal for years end up with out a chance.
Being freezing cold and expected to come on for 15 mins at the end will only result in a crap performance or injury, hardly a good chance to seize an oppertunity.
Football is a mtter of a million oppinions, thats the reason its argued about up and down the country every week. We need one voice in the changing room. We need to know what the plan is. If you know your role you know what is expected, thats fine. If your left wondering what is going on you become frustrated and reluctant to to turn out.
In my short time here I have grown to love the club and want it to succeed as much as possible but to do that it must perform to its best, I havent seen that yet. and until every ones cause is united then its not going to happen.

We do this for fun lads.

Deano said...


I'm having some excess tit removed on Wednesday so wont be available for selection for a couple of weeks. But depending on how much movement I have in my arm I may still be able to raise a flag.


iceman said...

Sorry to hear about your defeat on Saturday boys, a lot that has been said also applies on Sundays, i think its fair to say that some of us are definately going through the motions at the moment. Im just disappointed that the Sunday season is turning into previous seasons, mid-table mediocrity.

Dykey said...

lads lads

i can see all your points of view and do agree with the majority of them. but we have to agree the last two weeks we have performed well. Ok the footballing side of it has been average but the desire and work rate has improved i believe.

i do beleive we need one voice at 1/2 time and beofre games to which i said to everyone including colin - so i am not going behind anyones back. I think the captian and manager should have a say and that is that.everyone voicing an opinion leads to dicsussion like this and a football team should not be run by a 13 people it should be run by one, but what do i know

Ps Deano good man for saying you will run the line i am sure evryone extends an arm of thanks and good luck with the op.

pps performances will come wif we continue to work hard in that i believe and trust. As a wise man once said
"Pain is temporary quitting is permenant"

Dykey said...

Also a valid point was raised on training as we ALL need to be fitter then we are.

However unless we have someone there tellign us you must do this you must do that i do not think it will happen as has proven in the past.

But chin up lads sundays we are nmid table (not fantastic but not relegation fodder) and on saturdays things are slowly coming together albeit very slowly. the team spirit is exceptional and we all have a great laugh down the pub etc so if we ALL just focus on our own games and let everyone else worry about theres - as each of us has areas to improve so we should try and do this - then we can worry about where money has gone or who is putting the goals up, etc

Come one for all and all for one

Mark Sanderson said...


SAT 26 NOV 2005
Academicals 0-3 Cadnam United
Burridge AFC 3-5 Malvern
Priory Rovers 0-1 Burridge Sports
Spartans 3-0 Ordnance Survey Res

This Saturday 3rd December
Home to Priory Rovers

Scotty B said...

Blah, blah, blah. I've heard these comments so many times before I've built up a tolerance to them.

Less chat, just get on with it and DEAL WITH IT.

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