Sunday, 6 November 2005

Gems v Burridge AFC: Game called off: waterlogged

Sunday 6th November
Wicor Rec
Game called off because of warthogs on pitch

After firstly driving to the game, (Greg Baker doing so from Guildford), getting changed, then getting out onto the field of play; the ref in his infinite wisdom decided to postpone the game. Despite the fact that four other games were taking place on adjacent pitchs. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

don't ya just loooooove referees.

Sir John Major said...

I'm sure he was acting in the best interest of the pitch, so leave him alone! Even if he did sound slightly gay. Not that I have a problem with him being gay...okay...I now have to something?

rossco said...

burridge sports this week!

Scotty B said...

The warthog brought a smile to my face this morning. I like what you did there mark.

Does anyone know if warthogs are dangerous? I realise they have pretty intimidating tusks but do they generally go looking for trouble or are they purely for defencive purposes?

By the way, good luck against Burridge Sports on saturday lads. Show no fear, show no mercy. Be ruthless in the guest for goals.

barry norman said...

Warthogs are dangerous, fact. You've only got to watch the Disney Classic "Bedknobs and Broomsticks", starring Angela Landsbury (Murder She Wrote).

In the cartoon football sequence, he's on the same team as the lion, the rhino and the hyena. As opposed the hippo, elephant and ostreich. Facts speak for themselves.

Incidentally sorry i haven't been around for a while, the Child Support Agency have been after me, damn that weekend away i had with Ramona! The payments for little Pablo are killing me. So i'm trying to lay low for a while, i'll stick my head above the parapit on occasion.

Scotty B said...

Barry, you say warthogs are dangerous and you may be correct but what about Pumbaa from "Timon and Pumbaa"? He didn't seem aggressive in any way-shape-or-form. Maybe each warthog is different.

Also, is it too late for you and Pablo's mum to reconcile your differences? Think about what you would save to maintenance, but more importantly...think of Pablo!

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