Monday, 7 November 2005


Well, you heard it from Ross (who works with the fixture secretary) that this Saturday's game is against Burridge Sports. We should have a squad of 14, as we're loosing Froudie, but have Mark Reeves and Bryn Schwodler to return. Obviously alot has improved since our 3-0 defeat so I thought I'd begin this post as means to begin the build up so that by match day we'll be chomping on the bit. In the past it has seemed to me that they've been more pumped up for the game than us, but I'm sure you'll all agree that we'll all be extremely motivated for this game.


fielder said...

WOW! look at the over whelming response to this post! you guys seem really eager for the weekend. i'm so glad you are all so fired up for the 'ding dong derby game'. wankers.

Fielders chiropractor said...

now now Lee, what did I tell you about getting unnecessarily worked up and the possibility of further damaging your the way, did you know the majority of back injuries are due to excessiv masturbating whilst watching babecast...

Luke said...

I dont believe Lee wrote that.

Burridge AFC said...

Burridge afc 5-0 Burridge sports, its payback day.

Anonymous said...

I hope the score line will be correct
Luke: listed Cautions etc so far we believe:
R Allan £8.00
G Baker £8.00 (1)
P Dyke £8.00 (very good only one)
G Baker £33.00 believe he have paid (2)
K Willshire £8.00
S Burnett £8.00 (1)
R Bryant £8.00 (1)
R Bryant £8.00 (2)
S Burnett £8.00 (2)
L Sanderson £23.00& 7 Days 28/11 to 4/12 inclusive (form to sign)
R Bryant £8.00 (3)
M Sanderson £8.00

iceman said...

hey hey, i have paid my fine, although i do owe Rich £9 for training, i never realised Rossy B was such a naughty boy!

Scotty B said...

My surname's spelt with one 't' and not two, does that mean I still have to pay the fines?

Emerson Marks said...

Perhaps Scott.
But, there's no 'I' in 'team'; although rather tellingly, there are many other things that are. Like; 'me', 'mate', 'meat', 'eat', 'ate','tame' to name a few. So if faced with, 'there's no 'I' in team,' you could respond with, 'eat me' or 'tame me' or 'eat meat' which all succomb to a certain degree of homo-erotic imagery - which to the outsider is very apparent in the ideology of team sports. The contact with the opposition during the tackle, the embrace of a goal celebration, the post match team washing ritual; are team sports - by definition -gay? Perhaps, Scott.

Scotty B said...

You lost me...what was the question again?

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