Sunday, 13 November 2005

Burridge AFC 1-3 Burridge Sports

Saturday 12th November
Titchfield Rec

What a game! End to end action. No attempts to break the substitution world record. And, late drama; but enough of the England game. Oh the misery. One-nil? Plenty of time. Two-nil? Well, we'd expect to score three anyway. Three-nil? Shellshocked. On the bright side we won the second half one-nil via Dykey's head. Then after the game, things got worse, when; the running water wasn't running, and; anyone who'd left money about their trousers had it nicked! I hope the dirty rat gets what's coming to him; at the hangman's noose! Bring it back, we'd all love to see public hanging. Hopefully the wondrous England performance will have provided everyone with some consolation after a fairly wretched day. Lastly, has anyone noticed that John Motson is struggling to cope with the excitement these days? After having an argument with himself on Michael Owen's competitive game scoring record, he appeared to reach sexual climax (in the company of Graeme Le Saux) at our winning goal.
Which brings me to his looks. Him and David Pleat could quite easily be brothers, and what with dirty Pleats mid eighties curb crawling antics, well? It's just imagery I've managed to convince myself to be true, they do bad things together.

4-4-2 Dave Hopkins, Ben Wilson, Paul Dyke, Jay Schwodler, Luke Sanderson (Paul Andrews), Ross Bryant, Rich Allan, Mark Sanderson (Mark Reeves), Bryn Schwodler, Kristian Hewitt, Lee Wood (Dean Wall)


Anonymous said...


I found a usefull link

Might help our cause!!!!

I also have a 1981 Kevin Keegan Football tactics and skills book you can all borrow. The shooting pages have always been missing!! thats my excuse any way.


Mark Sanderson said...

Dean, I think I speak for all of us when I say, 'please bring that book next Saturday,' we can start a Burridge book club. I have Football Tactics, a real beauty taht's illustrated magnificently by Paul Trevillion.

greg_baker said...

I've got a Soccerstars training circa 1988 video - with Bryan Robson on the cover I seem to remember. I'll bring that too!

Kristian said...

I've got the book to that video Greg. Contents include, Running with the ball,turning, speed, dribbling, heading and shooting. I'll bring it to the game.

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