Thursday, 10 November 2005


Let's have a look at the matches over the years with this week's opponents. I'll start with Sunday's opposition; Waterlooville Social Club (previously Waterlooville jubilee) who we've tussled with many times.

Actually Sunday will be our 14th meeting in five years. Here are the stats:


October-ish of 2000
Lost 3-5 away in League
Scorers: Bryn, Lee & Scott
Anyone remember? I know the day before I'd spent getting strip searched in Bitterne Cop shop - but that's another story. I know the pitch we played on we haven't played on since. Anyone remember know? Scotty was playing like he was on steroids in our blue and white hoops against their Barcelona style number, he came charging forward to score. This was the season when it rained everyday for 90 days and nights, so because of our cup runs we only played 6 league games, never actually playing the return game!

April 2001
Lost 0-1 away in Divisional Cup
Well this was played at the burger van ground - you know the one next to the stream and railway line. All I can recall here was that their goal came via a Mr Andrews back pass. Who remembers? It was a mid weeker and I was temping at the time and decided to take a day off in order to prepare.

October-ish 2001
Won 4-2 home in Dave Blunt Cup
Scorers: Lee 2, Jay, Kev
Oh yes. During the full pomp of the Whitfield days we put that lot to the sword at Burridge. As I recall I was going through a rather petulant stage of my career and kicked out at Ormerod - who went berserk. Result? A booking for him and nowt for me! If memory serves we wore our red whilst they began to wear yellow and red. Mind you there is bad news: in those days we were in the second tier of the Meon Valley, they the first. After several months spent patiently waiting who we'd face after aour cup scalp we noticed they were indeed still in the cup! It turned out old Whitters had made a boob with sighing players on! It was either Stu Newman or Nathan Daniels who were not fair game - and we were slung out of the cup.

Lost 1-2 home in league
Scorer: Matt Whitfield
It may have mid October but it was still scorching. I'm sure you'll remember that August 2003 was mental - at least 35 Celsius everyday!And guess who was out of work at the time? You guessed it - me. Anyway I digress, yeah, all I can recall is Meon Valley lady ref, sexpot Debbie was in charge. Once again Ormerod and I got our hand bags out, the start of a long courtship.

Lost 0-2 away in league
Not one that springs to my mind.

Drew 2-2 away in league
Scorers: Bryn, Paul Andrews
Who could forget Paul Andrews and his back heel finish? Were did it come from? Of course Rich Allan got his marching orders, as a feud still carries on today was born.

Lost 1-3 away in Pink Cup
Scorers: Kristian
Again not one that had much bite. I was suspended for this, but I remember Kristian's goal being a bit tasty.

April 04
Drew 2-2 home in league
Scorers: Bryn and Mark
A mid weeker at Titchfield Rec, as players make excuses to leave work before getting changed quick sharp. Bryn got a good 'un, then from our second half kick off Jay send a real beauty of athrough ball - TO THEM!
We go 2-1 up via my head, then Kev concedes last gasp penalty. After it's put away, Ormerod runs thirty yards to fgive me friendly slap accross chops - the indignity!

Lost 2-4 home in league
Scorers: Paul Andrews, Kristian (p)
We were lacking in fight that day, Actually that was my last game in midfield, what an impression I must have made!

Lost 1-2 away in league
Scorer: Rich
Oh yes - the dress rehersal! We played okay if I recall.

Lost 0-2 in Cup Final at Cams Alders
It rained. Lee got sent off. Rich missed a penalty, By some distance!

Lost 1-2 in Cup Final at Cams Alders
Sorry Scott it was an own goal not yours!

Drew 2-2 away in league
Scorers: Lee & Bryn
We played some decent stuff didn't we. We went down after about 20 seconds, and if it wasn't for the six seconds rule we might have won.

played 13
won 1
drew 3
lost 9
scored 19
conceded 30
That makes the average score about 2-1 to them, isn't about time we beat them? Scott- 9 defeats, it ain't pretty is it?


Anonymous said...

Fixture Change

Sunday 13th November 2.00ko

Aquaseal -v- BURRIDGE AFC

Venue: WICOR

Mark Sanderson said...

As you may have seen, there's been a fixture change.

Sunday 13th November:
Away to Aquaseal at Wicor Rec.

I suppose that make's my last link fairly redundant!

Mark Sanderson said...

Actually fellas,

Don't forget to bring your red kit on Sunday, just in case.

Remember, we took our shirts home last week.

iceman said...

nooooooooooooooooo! I don't bloody believe it!!!!!! Not f******* Wicor Rec. Do we ever get away from that place? I was so looking forward to playing Jubilee, especially after your wonderful head to head accounts mark, that made me even more determined to kick their ass, oh well, i guess we will have to turn Aquaseal over.

Anonymous said...

Another Fixture Change Lads

Saturday 12th November 2005 2.00ko

BURRIDGE AFC -v- Burridge Sports

Venue: Titchfiel Recreation Ground

Anonymous said...

Talking about Red Shirts

Did Maurice show you the red/black set of shirts (13) that i have, they are NEW and Umbro Classic, £50.00

Anonymous said...

do we really take notice of fixture changes by someone posting as anonymous?? how about this..

Fixture change.

sunday 13th November **10AM K/O**

Burridge AFC Vs East Cowes

Venue: Isle of White

sorry just being stupid i guess.

Anonymous said...

November 19th SATURDAY 2.00ko

Spartins -v- BURRIDGE AFC
Venue Green Park (yet to be confirmed)

November 20th SUNDAY 2.00ko

Wickham Dynamos -v- BURRIDGE AFC
Venue Wickham Recreation Ground (CONFIRMED)
Oppositions Colours Blue/White Shirts, Blue Shorts and Blue Socks. The Burridge AFC Website is out of action at Present, the web site provider 1&1 tell me they have a bug in there system.


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