Sunday, 20 November 2005

Spartans 1 - 1 Burridge AFC

Spartans 1-1 Burridge AFC
Saturday 19th November
Venue: Green Park

The dark grip of last week's defeat was eclipsed at Green Park. Spartans were hurried, chased and kicked - as Burridge foraged for points with the desperation of disorganized squirrel at Autumn time. What may have appeared as corner practice for Spartans almost led to a Burridge goal. Ross Bryant took the ball deep into enemy territory, sending Bryn Schwodler clean through, but his control was heavy, much to the relief of the goalkeeper.

The second half almost became overshadowed by a tale of two hand balls. Bryn Schwodler was adjudged to have handled before rifling home from the edge of the box (he later blasted over from six yards from Lee Wood's head down), then with minutes to go Dave Hopkin's was penalized for carrying the ball outside the area from a drop kick.

The initial victory, by delaying the taking of the kick, was made irrelevant as the ball appeared to clip the wall and bypass Hopkins into the net. Did Spartan's jubilant celebrations suggest that the show was over? Not if their goalkeeper had any say in proceedings. Not to be out done by Hopkins, he came flapping at a cross like a pissed up Ostrich. Lee Wood caught his mess, turned, and scored. Burridge's smash and grab raid was complete.

4-4-2: Dave Hopkins, Jay Schwodler, Paul Dyke, Ben Wilson, Luke Sanderson (Paul Andrews), Ross Bryant, Kristian Hewitt, Mark Sanderson (Dean Wall), Rich Allan, Lee Wood, Bryn Schwodler

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Colin B said...

Great point yesterday lads, never say die spirit and determination gave us the all important point when it would have been so easy to have just gone thru the motions and then feel sorry for ourselves at the end.

Like the 'pissed up ostrich' analogy mark, the great Stuart Hall would indeed have been delighted with that

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